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Lean protein for Women - Chocolate
Lean protein for Women - Chocolate Lean protein for Women - Chocolate Lean protein for Women - Chocolate Lean protein for Women - Chocolate

Lean protein for Women - Chocolate

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myDaily Lean Women Whey Protein is the complete nutrition drink for today's hyperactive Woman with right amount of lean protein, added essential Minerals like Calcium, Iron and Vitamins B & D and less carbs, fats and no added sugar. This superior mix helps achieve lean, toned body plus also have flawless skin, healthy hair and strong bones.

EVERYDAY DRINK: This is an everyday drink for all women and not only for gym-goers, sports person or runners. 

CONTAINS MINERALS & VITAMINS: It contains 25 added Minerals & Vitamins like Calcium, Iron and Vitamins B & D. These boost metabolism helping you achieve leaner, toned body and also in getting younger-looking beautiful skin, hair and nails.

FREE DIET CONSULTATION: Also, don’t forget to avail your dedicated, complete free diet consultation with an Expert Dietician to help achieve your Health Goals faster and answer any queries you make have.

EASY-TO-CARRY SACHET: It comes in individual easy-to-carry sachets each coming in one serving pouches. 

TASTY FLAVOUR: This protein comes in delicious Chocolate flavour and makes a perfect ingredient for your daily morning drink, post-workout or post-sport protein shake, healthy smoothies and your protein cookie recipe!

HOW to USE: Women looking to get a toned body should mix 1 packet (28g) in 150-180 ml water and take 1-2 shakes per day. 

WHEN to USE: It’s not just for heavy lifters or sporty types. It’s your daily, essential protein drink. Use it anytime during the day. Best time is usually the mornings or evening snack or after a work-out or a sport or a run.

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    • Will it bulk me up?

      No, this is lean protein designed specially for women. It gives you all the essntial protein with less fats and carbs and helps you achieve slim, toned body

    • I do not work out as such. Have a 9-6 sedentary job. Will myDaily Lean whey work in that case for me?

      Protein is essential for every one whether they are working out or are in a sedentary job. Almost 90% Indians are protein deficient leading to various problems including obesity, hair loss, faster ageing etc. myDaily Lean Women Protein has been designed for today's woman with right amount of protein, lower fats and carbs and added vitamins and minerals. It's your everyday super drink.

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