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myDaily Weight Loss with Personal Care & Superfoods - 15 Day Kit

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This Weight Loss Kit is ideal for those looking to start their weight loss journey and want to see consistent and visible results.

This kit is right for you if:
  1. You wish to see visible results in 15 days
  2. You want personal guidance and support
  3. You want long term Weight loss
  4. You give your health priority over Weight loss

weight loss plans effective easy - no hidden costs

Included in this pack:

  1. (For Women) myDaily Lean Women Protein - 7 Sachets ( 14 Servings )
  2. (For Men) myDaily Muscle Building Men Protein - 7 Sachets ( 14 Servings )
  3. myDaily 6X Green Tea - 15 Sachets ( 15 Servings )
  4. Easy to follow - Personalized Diet Plans every Week
  5. Daily support from Top Dietitians through Phone & Chat

What are myDaily Superfoods?

  1. myDaily Superfoods include our Women / Men Protein & our 6X Green Tea
  2. They provide nutritional balance while helping you lose weight
  3. They help you lose weight faster and keep you full of energy
  4. They are rich in Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants
  5. Our Superfoods are absolutely safe and contain no harmful chemicals
  6. Trusted & used by more than 10,000+ happy users

Why choose myDaily :

  • Research backed myDaily Weight Loss Superfoods
  • Personal care from Top Dietitian who will be there for you always
  • Weekly Personalized Easy to follow diet plans
  • Daily phone and chat support from your Top Dietitian

*Direct phone number of your Dietitian will be shared with you to ensure easy anytime support and quick resolution.

anuj lost 12 kg with mydaily weight loss diet plans

neha lost 9 kg in 3 months with mydaily weight loss diet plans


  • Will I also get products with the Diet plan?

    Yes, myDaily Superfoods are included in the plan

  • How much weight I can lose using this trial?

    On an average our users lose between 1kg to 1.8kg in 15 days. It all depends on your current weight, your habits and the diligence with which you adhere to the plan.

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