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myDaily New Mothers Weight Loss Plan

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Weight loss is the first step towards a healthy and long life. myDaily New Mothers ( Post pregnancy ) weight loss plan is perfect for those looking for holistic and long term weight loss.

Once you purchase the plan, a Sr. Dietitian will be assigned to you. You will get a call from our Sr. Dietitian within 24 hours of the purchase. We will understand your weight loss concerns and your target and will help you get started with the plan. 

What's included in the plan:

myDaily Weight loss food products:  Backed by research and used by more than 10,000+ customers - Our products ensure complete, balanced nutrition for a healthy and long term weight loss.

Consult with top dietitians: Every week our Sr. dietitians will call you for your weekly consultation. We want to make sure that each week is better than the last and you see visible results quickly. Our dieticians are among India's Top 1% !

Personal, one to one coaching: We won't give up, we won't let you give up either. Motivation and support will play a critical in your weight loss journey. Our expert coaches will understand your goals and work closely with you throughout the duration of the plan.

Weekly personalized diet plans: As you progress, you will lose weight every week. As your weight changes, we will update your diet plan accordingly with every consultation to make sure you keep seeing positive, visible changes in your body.

Money Back Guarantee: The plan comes with a money back guarantee - do speak with our dietician to know more about this.

This plan is for you if:

  • You need professional help to manage your weight loss
  • You want to lose weight you gained before and during pregnancy
  • You want long term and healthy weight loss
  • You want someone to regularly motivate you, and support you 

Why our weight loss plans work:

  • Easy to follow - Simple to understand. That's out motto.
  • Every person is different - Your plan will be created just for you.
  • You lose weight by through a balanced diet, not by going hungry.
  • Achieve long term weight loss through our protein and fiber rich diet.

myDaily Food products - Designed for weight loss:


• myDaily 6X Green Tea: To help speed up your weight loss progress, we have created a Green tea with higher antioxidants. Just one cup a day will improve our metabolism and aid in weight loss. 

Best Rated Green tea - Rated 4.4 on Amazon

• myDaily Lean Whey Protein:  You weight loss must be long term, and our Lean protein will help you with just that . Packed with mineral and vitamin, it will keep you healthy and satiated for long periods and help you achieve a lean. toned body.

Amazon's choice for weight loss Protein on Amazon. Rated 4.4

The myDaily promise:

  • Access to experienced, top dietitians & Post pregnancy specialists across the county
  • You weight loss will be healthy, easy & long term
  • Our food products are designed for Post pregnancy weight loss
  • We keep our word - If our weight loss plan isn't working for you, get your money back 

We are the only brand in India that gives a 100% Money Back guarantee on our weight loss Plan!

About myDaily: myDaily is India's most trusted brand in weight loss & thyroid weight management. We are a team of IIT, ISB, IIM alums with the vision to help India stay fit!


  • Hi I breastfeed my baby.... he is seven months old. Is this even ideal for me?

    Hi Shraddha, thanks for the query.

    Yes, even while feeding post 6 months, we can start making small but impactful changes in the diet.
    We make sure that the diet is rich in protein, fiber and minerals vitamins. This will ensure a healthy and stronger you.
    The key to a healthy post pregnancy weight loss is the balanced diet - right macronutrients and micronutrients which help you lose weight by imporving metabolism and at the same time be strong and take care of the baby!

    -Sravani, dietician at myDaily

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