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Why myDaily?

Why myDaily makes a perfect meal replacement for you?

Why Are We Nutrient Deficient Despite Eating wholesome Food?

In our busy schedules, we often tend to skip our meals or delay it. Lack of time also forces us to consume the fast or junk foods that are available easily. However, with consumption of too much unhealthy and junk food we make our bodies deprived of all the essential nutrients. In addition skipping meals or eating at odd times can lead to health problems such as blood sugar fluctuations, gastric acidity or even mental fatigue.

 4 Reasons Our Body is Lacking Essential Nutrients

Skipping meals

By skipping meals we make our body deprived of adequate amounts of nutrients.

Eating at an odd time 

Our bodies are controlled by circadian rhythm, a biological clock that dictates hunger and sleep.  Disturbing body’s schedule to fit our work schedules can ultimately affect our diet and health.

Eating Junk foods

Our bodies need each nutrient in a certain specific amount. However, junk food that contains high amount fats and sugar, and low amount of proteins and vitamins can lead to over or under nutrition.

Eating empty calories

Foods such as energy drinks, energy bars, and biscuits only pretend to be healthy, but are actually some empty calories.

5 Reasons Why myDaily is the Perfect Meal You Need

# 1 It contains all the essential nutrients your body needs daily

A balanced diet is one that can provide all the nutrients in required amounts and proper proportions. It can easily be achieved through consuming myDaily which is a blend of all essential nutrients.

# 2 The nutrients are present in the right amount as suggested by RDA

Our body needs nutrients in a certain specific amount. Consuming too much or too little of these essential nutrients can lead to over nutrition or under nutrition, respectively, both of which is harmful to the body. myDaily has been designed after thorough analysis and understanding of the RDA given by Indian Council of Medical Research. myDaily can satisfy your hunger as well nutritional requirement for the day.  

# 3 The meal can be prepared in 4 easy steps and so can be prepared in less than a minute


# 4 The final meal is in liquid form that can be consumed anytime and anywhere

myDaily can be prepared in less than a minute and consumed any time.  So no more skipping meals and no more junk food!

# 5 It is packed in powdered form and so easy to carry

myDaily has been prepared understanding your needs. It is packed in a powdered form in an air-tight sachet that makes it absolutely easy to carry practically anywhere you go. 


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