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Thyroid Balance - 25 day Kit for Active Energy, Weight Management, Skin & Hair Health

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myDaily One month Thyroid Balance & Control: Overview

myDaily Thyroid kit is designed to help you reduce Thyroid symptoms (Weight, Skin & Hair Issues) and improve your Thyroid hormonal balance (TSH, T3 & T4)

myDaily Thyroid Balance 25 Day kit is designed to show you results without any radical diet changes and without going hungry.

Bonus Offer: Once your product is delivered, a myDaily Thyroid Nutrition Expert will be assigned to you and their number will be shared with you.

The myDaily Thyroid Nutrition Expert will be available on Whatsapp and Telegram to help you at every step.

myDaily one month Thyroid Balance kit contains

  • 25 sachets of myDaily Thyroid Balance Green Tea (MRP: ₹350/- )
  • 25 servings of myDaily Thyroid Protein Balance ( MRP: ₹1499/- )
  • 2 x FREE 30 min, expert diet consultations ( Worth: ₹1499/- )

myDaily 1 month Thyroid Balance Kit Promise

96% of women who use myDaily Thyroid Balance 25 Day Kit see visible reduction in their symptoms. Most notably:

  • Better weight management
  • Daily energy levels
  • Improvements in Skin & Hair health 

What is myDaily 2 Step Thyroid Control Plan?

Step 1: Have these 2 myDaily Thyroid Balance foods in your diet.

  1. myDaily 6x Thyroid Balance Green tea - as your evening 5 PM snack
  2. myDaily Thyroid Protein Balance - as your mid meal 11 AM snack

Step 2: Keep your progress updated to your assigned expert on Whatsapp or Telegram.



  • Iam 36yrs it's use for pre-diabetes and iam using 75mg thyronorm

    Yes, without any worry!

  • Breastfeeding take this ?

    Yes, you can take this product while breastfeeding.

  • I have milk in the evening at 4.30..will I be able to Continue with TSh level is as high as On 100 mcg eltroxin

    Yes, you can mix 1 scoop myDaily Thyroid Balance Protein in the 200ml milk you are already drinking.

  • take this thyroid protein and thyroid green tea

    Yes, this product is designed for both men and women.

  • I am 26 years old and have hypothyroidism and I am using 75mg thyronorm. I have period & skin issues and am over weight. Will this product help me?

    Yes, you can use this product. Most women see improvements in their skin and weight management issues in the first 14 days. However, we recommend you continue using this kit for at least 2 months for long term results.

  • Hi my weight is 72kg I take 100 it work for me please suggest

    We have customers who were on a dosage of 100mcg and have seen great results during their course of myDaily Thyroid 25 Day Kit.

  • I want to loose weight so kindly suggest me the drink

    This kit has two drinks, first the myDaiy Thyroid Protein Balance and second, the myDaily Thyroid 6X Tea both of which are greatly beneficial for weight management. Most users start seeing results on the 12th day of the 25 day kit.

  • Does this product works even if i dont have thyroid but still increasing my weight

    Yes, the weight management benefit of the product will still apply. Athough we advise you go with our "myDaily Two Step Weight Loss - 25 Day Kit ( For Women )" which is specifically designed to help women with weight management. You can view the kit here:

  • Hello,, . I'm 31 years old and I'm having hyperthyroidism, presently I'm taking 100 mcg tablets and my height is 5.6 and weight is 70 and I'm facing lots of problems because of my weight gain ,will it help and should I continue taking tablets if I start taking this kit

    Hi, yes, you will need to continue tablets. Once you feel an improvement, please consult with your doctor before reducing dosage of any medicine.

  • I am taking 12.5mcg alternative day. There is increase of weight . Does this work on me...And a month how much weight can I reduce

    Hi, this depends on your current weight. Please send us your current age, weight and height on WhatsApp at 7710850009 and we can tell you exactly how much weight our Products can help you lose in 25 days.

    For a rought answer, on an average, our users lose between 2.5kg to 4kg in a month depending on their BMI and current lifestyle.

  • Need assistance first then can decide to buy it

    Hi, we are here to help and answer any questions you may have. Please share your phone number with us. I will ask one of our experts to call you back and help you out.

    I hope this helps.

    Deven ~ myDaily

  • I've thyroid. My weigh is 58 kg before 6 month but now I m 68. I take 25mcg tab of altroxin but before 3 month my dr. increase my dose into 100mcg. Want loose 15kg. Does it work on me??? How long I've to take it?


    Yes, our product has shown great results for several of our users suffering from Thyroid.

    Based on the information you have shared, you should see improvements in your weight in the first 20 days of usage. For improvements at hormonal level, you would need to continue for longer.

    We will connect you with a Thyroid Nutrition Expert once your product is delivered. They will be available to answer any queries you may have during the  25 days of your myDaily product usage.

    For any further questions, please Whatsapp or Call us at +91 77108 5009

    Deven ~ Team myDaily

  • My anti tpo result is >600 how much course i need to take

    Hi, we forwarded your query to our in-house Thyroid Nutrition Expert. Here's what their reply to your question:

    You should see improvements in the first 20 days of usage, but since tpo > 600 we suggest you continue using the products for at least 2 months.

  • Thyroid can be cured permanently

    Hi, Thyroid Balance 25 Day kit will help you stay active throughout the day and see weight loss results 25 days. It is not intended for medicinal use and is not designed to cure ailments or disorders.

  • My thyroid TSH 0.01 hai 2year se mai ese use kr skti hu

    Yes. You can use this. It will help improve you energy levels and manage your weight, which will have a positive effect on your TSH levels.

  • Thyroid hai muje weight lose hoga

    Hi, our users see start seeing improvements in their weight in the first 20 days of using our Thyroid Balance 25 Day Kit. You also receive free personal guidance from a myDaily Certified Thyroid Nutrition Expert to visible results.

  • My thirod glend is remove. Is it helpful of me??

    Yes, using the myDaily Thyroid Balance 25 Day Kit will be helpful for you. You should see improvements within 20 days of usage.

  • How long it has to be taken?

    At least for 25 days.

  • I have hypothyroidism

    myDaily Thyroid Balance Kit was created for people with Hypothyroidism. It will help you manage your weight and keep you active throughout the with long term health benefits.

  • It's helps to lose weight and no side effects on this product it's give energy

    Hi, I am not sure if you are asking a question or have left us a review instead. Although, I will confirm that our products have no side-effects whatsoever and are used by thousands of women on a daily basis by helping them stay active and manage their weight with ease. I hope this helps.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Raziya M.

myDaily Thyroid Balance Protein - For Active Energy, Weight Management and Skin, Hair health

Great for my skin

The protein powder helps me get through my day despite my thyroid problems, gives me energy and helps with the quality of my hair and skin as well.

Preventive measure

My family are all on thyroid medicines but I'm still borderline so my doctor has not to put me on any meds even though i do have the effects of it. So, I take this everyday and I feel so much better! More energy and my mood has really improved.

Aruna S.
Mera thyroid kam huvaa

maine yeh kit user kiye last ek mahine se and mera thyroid kam huvaa, mera weight bhi 2 kg kam hua..
bahut acha hai

Positive outcome

Purchased this for my father and he has benefitted greatly from this over time. Very good supplement. He wants to continue taking them.

Kavitha K.
Its good

Great product, loved it!

Skin & Energy!

I've been taking this supplement for a month now. I have to admit that I have more energy these days and my dry skin is no longer so dry and unbearble

Feeling better

I've been taking these for a while now. My energy levels are better and I feel more leveled out as far as hormones are concerned. I will continue taking these and hopefully continue to enjoy better results.