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Muscle Whey for Men - Chocolate

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myDaily Muscle Building Whey Protein is a high quality blend of whey isolate and whey concentrate with added Glutamine, Vitamins & Minerals. This superior mix maximises muscle recovery, helps builds muscles and also tones the body.

HIGHEST PROTEIN: It delivers 25 gm of net protein per sachet. This, protein, is specially formulated to satisfy the pre and post-workout protein needs of the gym goers, sports players, runners and regular bodybuilders and has zero added sugar and no aspartame.

ADDED GLUTAMINE: It has added Glutamine apart from the Glutamic Acid naturally found in Whey. Glutamine maximises muscle recovery and helps you work out harder and build muscles faster.

FREE DIET CONSULTATION: Also, don’t forget to avail your dedicated, complete free diet consultation with an Expert Dietician to help achieve your Health Goals faster and answer any queries you make have.

COMPLETE ABSORPTION: It has 100% absorption and utilization as it contains a multi- enzyme mix- DigeZyme. This multi – enzyme mix also aids in digestion.

EASY-TO-CARRY SACHET: And the special factor about this Best Whey Protein for Men is, it doesn't come in big cumbersome, containers like other brands. But myDaily Muscle Whey Protein comes in individual easy-to-carry sachets each being one serving pouche. Each sachet is equivalent of one scoop - one serving of 34 gms.

TASTY FLAVOUR: The protein comes in delicious Chocolate flavour and makes a perfect ingredient for your post-workout or post-sport protein shake, healthy meal smoothies and your protein cookie recipe!

HOW to USE: For muscle gain you should mix 1 packet (34g) in 180-200 ml water and take 1-2 shakes per day. It can also be used in your smoothie, shake or cookie ingredient!

WHEN to USE: It’s not just heavy lifting protein. It’s your daily, essential protein. Be it Weights, crossfit, MMA, Running or sports - this is your go to protein drink.


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  • Does the whey contain SOY

    No, it does not contain soy. It contains a protein blend of whey isolate ( main ingredient ) & whey concentrate

  • What does Glutamine do? Others also claim they have Glutamine, so whats special?

    All other Whey Proteins have Glutamic Acid which is normally found in Whey. While myDaily Men Protein has added Glutamine which is easily absorbed and utilised. Glutamine helps in faster muscle recovery. So, by the time you go back for your next exercise your muscle would be able to train harder again. This helps to develop muscles faster.

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