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PCOS PCOD Balance Protein - Regular Cycles, Hormonal Balance & Skin, Hair Health

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myDaily PCOS, PCOD Balance protein is specially designed for women with hormonal imbalance. It has the right set of minerals and vitamins that help you improve your cycles, hormonal balance and keep your skin & hair healthy!


Zinc, Magnesium, Iron & Vitamin B have been known to help improve the regularity of periods and reduce severity of menstrual cramp


Vitamin B6, Folate, and Vitamin B12 have been known to be particularly important in optimizing your bodily Hormonal Balance in PCOS.


Our Protein rich drink fortified with Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Zinc & Copper in will provide your skin and hair the essential nourishment they need.

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How to have it?

Mix 1 scoop of protein powder in 120 ml of skimmed milk ( cold ). Shake or stir well and sip slowly.


  • Iam 28 years old I have irregular periods of pcod after the baby I put on weight now I am 92 kg this products reduce my weight cure my problem

    This product will help with the problems of irregular period and with weight loss.

  • Does it help with weight loss??

    Yes, it helps with weight loss.

  • Hii.. Is it good for a feeding mother??

    Yes, the nutritional composition of this protein is is beneficial for feeding mothers.

  • I have regular period cycle but I have acne & hair fall problem . Can it help me in conceiving??

    It will surely help with the hair fall and skin health problems. For the matter of conceiving, we will need more details about your current lifestyle and health status before we can answer.

  • On feb I had irregular period I consulted doctor and they told me to take pelvic scan and taken blood sample . After collecting my report I went to consult with doctor. I got to know I have PCOD and I'm taking thyroid tablet 12.5 mg. My current weight is 80. I'm following my diet still I'm not reducing my weight and I have hair loss. Is this product really helpful!

    Yes, we have been helping women with pcod manage with cycles, skin & hair health and manage their weight since the last 7 years. This product was designed with the collective knowledge of the experience of research scientists and nutritionists to help you with these very specific issues.

  • I am 30 year old and my period are very irregular please give some suggestions m 86 kg

    I would suggest you start on myDaily PCOS Balance 25 Day Kit. Once the product is delivered a myDaily Certified PCOS Nutrition expert will call you to give you suggestions to help improve you health issues.

    You can learn more about the kit here:

  • I am having tyroud for the last 15 years. Taking tyronorm 75 mg daily. Is it advisable to take this?

    This is a PCOS Balance Protein and will benefit you if you have PCOS. If you have Thyroid, then we recommend you go with myDaily Thyroid Balance Protein instead. You can find here: Link for myDaily Thyroid Protein - Click to open

    Both products, PCOS or Thyroid can be taken with medications without any worry.

  • I'm a thyroid and wiegt around 75 KGS with pcod problem can I reduced my weight after drinking this shake

    Yes, most users see healthy, visible results in either weight or inches in the first 20 days of usage. Make sure to claim your free phone consultation with our Thyroid Nutrition Expert - which you get with the purchase for best results.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Safe and effective

I have had pcos since I was a teenager and I have tried too many products, and this has been the only one where I can see results without any side effects. Highly recommended!

Doctor premitted

I was sceptical before starting this so i consulted my doctor about the product and the ingredients they have used, my doctor claimed it to seem completely safe and worth trying and it has been working for me. Faced no backfiring or side effects. It is safe

Suits me!

I have been using their Green Tea since over a year, only stumbled upon their PCOS product a few months ago. My only complaint is that i wish i knew about it sooner!! The product suited me just right. Love the taste as well!


Heard alot about this from some of my female colleagues which intrigued me to try it out as well. I am not disappointed!

Sleep Aponea

My PCOS had caused me too much weight gain which resulted in me suffering from Sleep Aponea. It became very important for my health to lose weight and only gymming could not help me out since diet was planning a very key role which made me start my journey with MyDaily last year. The progress has been very regular and fruitful, it obviously took time but it has been very much worth the time. Very thankful and grateful for their product

Helped with my mood swings

PCOS was causing too much imbalance in my system, this caused in severe mood swings as well but the product really helped balance out my hormones which helped improve alot of the affected aspects

Menstruation Flow

The problem was causing my periods to becoming nothing more than mere spotting, starting mydaily helped regulate my period dates and even the blood flow became alot more proper and healthy, i would urge you to try it out if you're going through something similar


Very affordable considering how effective it is, would purchase again after finishes