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The myDaily monthly Easy Weight Loss Plan is optimum for starting your weight loss journey.

Why our weight loss plans work:

  • Easy to follow, simple to understand
  • Lose weight by achieving a balance of nutrients, not by going hungry
  • Exercise is helpful, but is not a requirement
  • Weight once lost does not come back 

What you get:

• Weekly expert weight loss sessions - Detailed, in depth diet coach sessions: myDaily Expert Diet coach will onboard you, understand your goals and works closely with you throughout the month.

• Weekly personalised meal plans - After the first call, myDaily Expert Diet coach will create a diet plan that works for you, catch up with you weekly, and update the plan to make sure it works for you.

• Daily catch ups and anytime calling - Worried about the plan? Not able to follow it? Would like some changes made to the plan? Call our dietician anytime and we will help you out. ( Limited to 1 catch up a week in the trial plan )

• Food products designed for weight loss - Used by more than 10,000+ customers, our food products are the healthiest choice in the market for weight loss. Made from natural ingredients and with minimum processing. ( Not available in trial plan. Our products ensure a speedy, healthy & permanent weight loss )


What do our food products include?

• myDaily 6x Green Tea: With higher antioxidants, our Green Tea will help your improve metabolism and aid in weight loss. Twice daily.

• myDaily Lean Whey Protein: Our lean protein, packed with mineral and vitamin is designed to keep you healthy and satiated for long periods. This will help you achieve a toned bod. Once a day.

• myDaily Perfect meal replacement: Our perfect meal replacement, formulated specifically for weight loss, is nutritionally equivalent to a healthy salad meal. As recommended by the weight loss expert.

• Worked for 10,000+ customers: Yes, over the last 3 years, our weight loss products have worked for 10,000+ customers without any issues. Use them without any worry!


Our weight loss promise:

  • Comprehensive sessions with weight loss coach, to understand your habits, preferences and specific lifestyles.
  • A balanced and achievable weight loss plan: Our motto is easy & effortless.
  • Healthy & Quality food products designed for weight loss
  • Money-back guarantee: We keep our word. If our weight loss plan isn't working for you, get your money back - No questions asked


Ask a Question
  • Will I also get products with the Diet plan?

    Hi Kanak, 

    Yes, based on what our dietician feel is important for you to lose weight, we will be sending you myDaily superfoods in this trial plan.
    So if our expert dietician says that you need more protein or higher antioxidants to improve metabolism, we will send you our meal shakes, lean protein or 6x Green tea accordingly.
    Do write to us at to get your free consultation today!

    -Team myDaily

  • How much weight I can lose using this trial?

    Hi Raman, your weight loss during this trial period depends on the following:
    - your current BMI
    - your current diet, lifestyle
    - any medical conditions
    Keeping the above things in mind, you can expect anywhere between .5 kgs to 3 kgs in our 15-day free trial. email us at to schedule your free diet consultation to understand more.
    -Team myDaily

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